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Identity Theft Protection
is your new Recurring Revenue!

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I'd Like to Increase My RMR!

Identity theft is the #1 crime in the US and now there is a program available to dealers, to provide Identity Theft Protection to your customers!

Increase your RMR significantly without increasing your fees

RMR continues with renewals even if your customer leaves your alarm service

Perfect for a Dealer Funded program

No Billing, Installation, Service or Support required EVER

ONLY $9.99 per month for Family Coverage (unlimited family members same household)

Return your investment in as little as 4 months per subscriber

Give your business a competitive advantage with
360 degree security offering

Step 1: You offer your existing customers a 60 Day Free Trial for Family ID Theft Protection
Step 2: Use the free trial to add value to your existing offering
Step 3: When your customer signs up on our site, we collect their credit card information
Step 4: You are billed $5 for every signup and have access to our reporting features
Step 5: On month 3 you start getting ongoing royalty payments for each subscriber

How the Program Works

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